More about Flustard Mustard


We are a Christian family running a business with Christian values. We reside in Grove City, Ohio with our three children; Trinitie (11), Hunter (3), and Willow (2). We are looking forward to being able to participate in some of the local events in Grove City like the local farm markets and Arts in the Alley. We are also extremely excited to get our mustard out there via our new Flustard Mustard Mobile cart.
Justin has been making mustard for over 5 years and has been striving to perfect his recipe and it has happened! He introduced Molly to his mustard not long after they met. Molly was a bit skeptical to try it as she is not fond of yellow mustard. However, upon trying it, she became an instant convert. So much so, that she excels in making other mustard haters converts as well.
A friend of ours tried some of our HabaƱero Mustard and commented about how delicious it was and that we should try to sell it. He told us about a local store in Grove City that specialized in local made products. Within 3 days of speaking to the owner we were able to get a business registered, develop a label, get jars, and get into the store.
Since then there have been a multitude of changes to where we sell our mustard. You can still find us at special events; at the Bexley Natural Market in Bexley, Ohio; and at Carmazzi Delicatessen in Urbana, Ohio. We are looking to expand into more stores.
We hope that you follow us on our website as we provide you with ongoing updates about our journey in getting our mustard from our table to yours. Trust us, it’s worth it!