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Hi, I am a capsaicin molecule, I am responsible for making peppers HOT!




***Nutritional Facts about our Products***

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Perfectly Pumpkin

This is the most unique mustard we have made to date. Great on cream cheese or even mixed into deviled eggs for that party at the kids school. If you are a fan of root vegetables, this mixes in fantastically with them.

(this is a seasonal product, get it while you can!!!)

Cracked Cranberry

Your left over turkey sandwiches will never be the same when you jazz 'em up this. I don't believe there is anything better you can eat on sweet potato fries! Not to mention, this one works extremely well as a salad dressing too- just mix it with some olive oil to enhance your salad.

(this is a seasonal product, get it while you can!!!)

Pineapple Pablano

This is one of our best sellers...put on anything from toast and english muffins to corn dogs or chicken nuggets! Nothing is better to kick up some pulled pork or hamloaf than this concoction!

Simply Sweet

This is our take on honey mustard without the honey. This also happens to be the base that all the others spawn from with the exception of Perfectly Pumpkin. For whatever the reason, if you are a fan of Salt & Vinegar Chips you will love this flavor!

Garlic Peppercorn

Not even eating straight garlic cloves compares the garlicyness (yea, I just said that) of this mustard. Mixes wonderfully with Hoppin' Habañero to make a mouthwatering spicy garlic spread! This pairs extremely well with black bean burgers and makes a delictable marinade for chicken!

Jammin' Jalapeño

Same sweet and delicious base as the sweet but kicked up a notch with some Jalapeño goodness. Most mild of the spicy we have. Due to the amount of peppers in this one, it works brilliantly as a relish - so think burgers, corn dogs, hot dogs, brats, etc! Don't forget this one for your summer cookouts!

Hoppin' Habañero

Habañero peppers have a great citrus flavor and pair amazing with pork. This is our flagship "go to" mustard. Our Hoppin' Habañero also works extremely well as a mix in with some of our other flavors like Cracked Cranberry and Garlic Peppercorn. Maybe you like spicy but this one is a bit much, mix it in with something else to retain the amazing flavor but tone down the spiciness a bit.

No Joke Jolokia

One of the few times in your life you can eat a Ghost Pepper anything and actually enjoy it! With it's smokey flavor it makes some awesome "devilish" deviled eggs. Not to mention you can kick up any of your favorite dishes like potato salad. When you fall in love with this one you will need to stop by Talita's Mexican Kitchen in Grove City and try their Texas Tenders. Not only will you love them but your kids will too and they carry both our No Joke Jolokia and our Hoppin' Habañero as dipping sauces for them. This one pairs extremely well with their chicken tenders - there is nothing better.

Scorchin' Scorpion

Feel the sting of the scorpion as you smother some wings in this mustard and have the best meal you ever had. This pepper has a unique flavor, almost fruity. Add a little to one of your favorite sauces like barbeque, ranch, or greek yogurt to use as a spicy marinade or chip/veggie dip.

Fear the Reaper

Don't let the name scare you off, this may be the hottest pepper on the planet but you should at least attempt it. This will be the time to remind you that we do make our mustards edibly hot. While this is definitely up there, if you like spicy you will be able to do this. Like the Scorchin' Scorpion this makes a tasty wing sauce. This pepper has amazing flavor and is great to kick up any dish and pairs especially well with red meat. Strangely enough - this makes a great drizzle over pepperoni (it's red right?) pizza!






Some Fun Facts to Entertain you!!!



• Mustard seeds were considered a symbol of good fortune in Ancient Egypt and were tossed into King Tut’s tomb as part of his funeral send off to the next life.

• German lore advises a bride to sew mustard seeds into the hem of her wedding dress to assure her dominance of the household.

• Children: They make it difficult to be the parent you always imaged you’d be.

• Capsaicin is used as a performance enhancer in horse racing. The pain-relieving properties help the animals run harder for longer. Every year there are horses that test positive for capsaicin and ever year those horses get banned.

• Migraines and cluster headaches can be eased with capsaicin.

• Pope John XXII of Avignon (1249-1334) loved mustard so much he decided to create the post of “Grand Moutardier du Pape” (Grand Mustard-Maker to the Pope), and gave the job to an idle nephew who lived near Dijon. After this appointment by the Pope, Dijon soon became the mustard center of the world.

• If you don’t do a lot of stupid things when you’re young, You won’t have funny things to talk about when you’re old.

• Bedtime: The perfect time for kids to ask questions, request food, require additional bathroom breaks, and need a new nightlight.


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